When you’re in close competition, every movement your vehicle makes translates to fractions of a second that determine winner and loser. Make the right moves, and the bits of time shaved from your race can deliver glory. Fail to control even the most microscopic of missteps, and losing is the only possible outcome.

ST Suspensions Anti-Sway Bars are engineered to keep your race car on the tight line to victory. Their rigidity reduces body roll in corners and translating to smoother handling. ST Suspension’s Anti-Sway Bars keep your tires firmly pressed to the ground for the kind of grip that wins.


  • Dramatically improves the handling and performance of your car.
  • Reduces time-wrecking body roll in corners.
  • Powder coated for complete corrosion protection.

Application: 2012+ Fiat 500

Part Number:

51600, ST Rear Anti-Sway Bar 12+ Fiat 500