Torque Solution Porsche Engine Mounts limit the amount of engine movement from side to side, which throws off the balance of the car under load. The factory mounts allow the engine to move, which gives the feeling of a sloppy drivetrain. The mounts offer the car a more direct feel and more precise driver input with the vehicle. You can expect a much better feel under braking, acceleration, and lateral Gs. While most race cars typically use a solid mount, this solution is less harsh and still maintains better control of the engine movement without the issue of solid mount vibration. The next issue with solid mounts is the transmission of noise from the chassis to the knock sensor on the engine, which can result in a tuning nightmare. These mounts will not affect the knock sensor as solid mounts do.


  • Eliminates wheel hop/traction loss
  • Improved 60-foot time and elapsed times
  • Constructed out of lightweight 6061-T6 billet aluminum
  • Black anodized/Torque Solution Laser engraved
  • 75A durometer bushings
  • Lifetime warranty

Application: 1998–2011 Porsche 911

Part Number:

TS-00-002, Torque Solution Engine Mount Kit: Porsche 1998-11